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My love for all things colour and design is shared equally with my passion for media!

As a wee youngin’, my parents enrolled me in theatre classes, and it was then that I quickly discovered just how much of a ham I truly am.  After spending years on stage with a local performing arts school, I somehow stumbled (quite luckily) into the world of television.  I will forever be thankful to Cityline for taking a chance and putting me in front of the camera (…they were certainly rolling the dice).  Now, 7-ish years later, I am so appreciative that they embrace my quirkiness and let me do crazy things like this


And wear stuff like this


And this…


And that


Along with doing both local and national television, I am also fortunate to travel throughout Canada delivering stage presentations for home show audiences, conducting colour seminars and DIY workshops, and speaking about future design trends at corporate events.

What can I say?  I love to talk!

But as chatty as I am, I also love to write!!  I’ve been featured in the following…

Since joining the Black & Decker Canada team, I now have a cozy little home over at Black & Decker Outdoor where you can find a collection of my most recent DIY articles and see me flex a little muscle…

PollockHeather-LeighAnnAllairePerrault-6705 (72ppi) Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out my “Upcoming Appearances“section to see what I’m up to next!



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