Come on, you had to see that blog post title coming at some point this holiday season!!  Bah!!!

  hue la la la la

So, here’s the deal…

My hubs and I made a joint decision many years ago that we wouldn’t exchange Christmas gifts, and instead we give the annual joyous gift of a home improvement project or room renovation.  Now, that may sound exciting to some, but there were years when our “home improvement gift” wasn’t so sexy….re. new furnace.  This year however, our gift to one another is currently being “wrapped”, so to speak…we’re renovating the exterior façade of our home which includes new, bigger windows (woo to the hoo), new fibreglass siding, new doors, etc…and I happen to think it’s already looking pretty darn sexy!!!


I’ll be sharing oodles more about this project in the new year and of course, “before and after” pics, as well as details on a new project that we’re embarking on in February… Our long awaited BASEMENT RENO EXTRAVAGANZA (…okay, it’s a working title!)

Although I don’t exchange gifts with the hubster, that doesn’t mean I don’t still like cute, quirky, sparkly things!  In fact, I love reading all of the blog posts this time of year about unique, must-have gift ideas (and ahem…I *may* have written about my top 10 gift picks for Dads, Dudes, & DIY-ers in my last post).  Today, instead of giving you ideas of what to buy your friends and fam, I thought I’d share a few goodies that I would (or perhaps did) buy for myself!

I recently popped by the Toronto “One of a Kind” show and ur, *may* have bought myself a few “gifty gifts”.  I left saying “Merry Christmas to me”, and when I got home, I thanked my hubs for having such great taste and said “you shouldn’t have”! *wink wink*

Now, please do not confuse this post for the following…

A) a means of plugging brand affiliates

B) a pathetic attempt to try and woo potential sponsors to get free shiz

These are all items that I have recently spotted, fell in lurve with, and/ or purchased, so I thought some of y’all just might love them too!  Oh, and they are all LOCAL, and I especially heart that!!!

Here’s a list of my Hue La La approved must-haves this holiday season…

1.   “Robert Wu” Original Artwork

If you haven’t noticed, I have a ma-hoosive crush on pink and coral, and I also have an major affection for artwork that features trees.  So when I laid my eyes on Torontonian artist Robert Wu’s original marble painting titled “Cherry Blossom”, I just knew it had to be mine.  This 18″x24″ beauty is going to be the starting point for the design of my new basement studio space…isn’t she a stunner!!


Now, I kind of regret not snatching up his collection of “Agate” hand marbled originals (4 in total), but I’m still stumped as to where I would display them…


2.  “Opelle” Leather Vanda Handbag

I am a total sucker for a simple, stylish, black leather bag, and this little dude has been stalking me for weeks now!  We first met at the Strut Tour Etsy booth…


Can I get some ham with this cheese!

…And then again at the One of a Kind show.  I’ve already placed my order with hubs, because lucky for me, my birthday is right around the corner!!

opelle website

3.  “Not Made In China” Ceramics

As much as I love simple and stylish, I have a strong fondness for anything with a touch of quirk.  The name of this Montreal company alone grabbed my attention… “Not Made In China“, and ironically, artist Hugo Didier’s specialty is bespoke ceramic ware that he proudly stamps with the name of his brand.  I cannot tell you how much I ADORED these whimsical lipstick mugs…

kiss mug

I went back to look at them 4 times before finally deciding to treat myself to one…but what hubs doesn’t know is that my new mug *might* have 5 twin sisters on their way to our house.  It’s a bit of a splurge, but I know I would regret not having a set!!

Not Made In China is one of those companies that I put on my “when I win the lottery” list…because I want it ALL!!!

not made in china

4.  “RoxyPop” Apple Cozy

While we’re on the subject of quirky awesomeness, how can you not fall madly in love with these uber cute apple cozies from RoxyPop?!  I’ll be tucking this little guy into my own Christmas stocking, and of course, I’ll act surprised when I open it…ha!  And since I have that whole New Years weight loss dark cloud starting to loom over me already, I figured an adorable traveling partner like this will keep me eating healthy on the fly.

apple cozy

5.  The Simplicity Principle” Bookkeeping Organizer

Last, but certainly not least… I couldn’t do a round-up of my favourite things without including this fab little coral lifesaver!

simplicity princ

On January 1st, I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary since taking a leap of faith to leave the corporate world and start my own company.  To say that it was the right decision is a gigantor understatement, but there have been a few entrepreneurial bumps along the way…ie. SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTING HELL!

I was introduced to The Simplicity Principle accounting organizer mid-year, and man-o-man, it has totally saved my bacon!  I will be giving the gift of financial organization to myself again this year with the 2014 addition, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who is in business for themselves and perhaps a tad mathematically challenged like me!!

Is there anything on my must-have list that catches your fancy???

Now, although I’ve chatted a lot today about receiving, I want to give you the gift of awesomeness with the latest YouTube sensation.  The message behind this Depeche Mode song is rather ironic this time of year, and how can you NOT melt for these two pint-sized musicians (and a cute as pie Pops)…

Cheers, and a happy holiday high five all around!!!



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