Gah!  I’m baaaaaaaaack!!

Did ya miss me?  I sure as heck missed all of you!!

I had a wee hiccup on the blog for the past few weeks with a pesky bug-a-roo, but all is eh-okay now and Hue La La is back in business, baby!!

So, where to begin???…

Well, since I’m kind of getting back into the blogging swing of things, we’ll call today more of an “update”!  I’ve got a handful of exciting nuggets that I’m itching to share…most of which involve my two little dudes!!

Wait for it…


But rest assured, I’ll be back OFTEN in the coming days and weeks with oodles of design inspiration, DIY projects, and my drool worthy wish list for Santa, so stay tuned.  Hue La La has been working overtime behind the scenes to create some colourful content to share soon!!

First up on today’s update menu…

I’m thrilled to share that I have two new national Canon commercials currently airing {often} on W Network!

Pinch me!!!

I’ve gotta say, never in a billion years did I think I’d be doing anything this cool, and I have Canon to thank for entrusting me with their brand messaging.

Oh, and I’m extra gushy about these spots because my little lads make a quick cameo appearance in both!

Wait for it…

boys pic 2

If you haven’t yet caught the commercials, here’s the coles notes version…

Canon’s new Rebel SL1 camera ROCKS…plain and simple!

The wicked news is that you have a chance to win one by checking out the link below and clicking on the image.  And if that wasn’t fab-tastic enough…your little kidlet can be the star of their new Rebel SL1 commercial… What, what??  Fun, fun!!

sl1 promo

I’ve got a tad more braggy news below…but while we’re on the subject of contests and prizes, I have a quick order of business to attend to…


Congrats to Leah Straatsma for winning the Canon PIXMA all-in-one printer that was up for grabs in my last post!  Leah’s colour of choice was white, so darlin’, expect to receive that little gem very soon.  And psssssst….Leah, since I’m super nosy, I would love to see a pic of the printer once it gets cozy in its new home 😉

pixma winner

Now, back to the brag-braggery!!

Wait for it…

A few months back I hinted about a super fantastico secret project that I was working on, and the cat is now out of the bag and on newsstands…


I was ecstatic when Today’s Parent magazine contacted me back in the summer to work on their December issue!  It was an action packed project that went a little something like this…

  • Styling the cover shoot (kind of a dream come true!)
  • Creating and writing the Christmas Countdown craft of the month
  • Producing, crafting, styling, and writing the 5 page DIY and design feature: 5 Fab Trees

I’ll be sharing more on all of these projects in the next few weeks, but hands down, my FAVE part of this collaboration was that my boys were asked to be involved with a little “behind the scenes” webisode action.

Here’s how it went down…

Originally I was going to film some craft projects on-set and have my boys be my “assistants”, but we quickly discovered that my oldest lad, Nolan totally rocked on his own.  I was pushed off-set and he ran the show with the help of his trusty sidekick and mischievous little bro, Everett.  They’re kind of like the Penn and Teller of the kiddie playground…Nolan is the chipper chatter box and Everett is the silent rascal!

So without further adieu…

Wait for it…

Potato Stamped Ornaments

Dance Party Glitter Ball Ornaments


I am SO DARN PROUD of my boys and obviously a teeny bit bias, but I think these vids are OFF the cute-ness scale!

Here’s the thing though, I may have created a monster… Nolan went to school the day after filming and told everyone he has his own TV show!  Ahahaha!!!  He’s now constantly “pitching” me crafty segment ideas for “The Nolan Show”, and yes, there are more videos in the works.  So, I’m pretty sure that now makes me a stage mom *le sigh*.  But who am I kidding…I kind of love it 😉

Before I jingle bell myself out of here for today, I just want to send a special thank you to Roberto Caruso (photographer and videographer extraordinaire), Alicia Kowaleski and Karine Ewart at Today’s Parent and YOU for reading today’s post.

And in keeping with the holiday merriment, I figured we should wrap this post up with a handsome little bow a la Joseph Gordan-Levitt (and some chick named Lady Gaga).  I’ll admit, this duet is kind of a train wreck in some ways, but I just couldn’t stop watching…enjoy!!



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2 Responses to ***BRAGGING MOM ALERT***

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you so much again! You’re blog is just the perfect cup of tea to read some days. So thank you for that as well. Going to try and give some if the Christmas crFts a whirl with my wee ones. All the best, Leah

  2. Oh my word…those videos are the CUTEST!!!! Pretty sure that Nolan is destined for his own show…or 5!

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