I’ve always believed that great style has little to do with how much money you spend, but rather how creative you can be with your budget!

So, when my budget to re-design my guest bedroom was ZERO dollars… ZILCH… NADA… my creative engine quickly kicked into overdrive.

Would it be possible to design a space without spending a cent!?

I was convinced that it was!

If you’re not familiar with my #breakevenchallenge, here’s the Coles Notes version to get you up to speed…

For years, I had a forgotten, “black-hole” of a room hidden in my house!  Our spare bedroom had become un-affectionately known as the “Stuff Room”, and it was basically the corner of the house where things that we no longer had a need for, but were still in great condition, piled up.  What should have been a guest bedroom looked more like a disorganized storage unit, and the door always remained tightly closed for fear that someone might see it and immediately nominate me for an episode of Hoarders!


I decided to tackle the space head on by selling some of the items on Kijiji, and then use the money earned to redesign the space without spending a cent more.  I recently shared my design plan, some of my favourite #KijijiFind purchases using the Kijiji app, and a sneak peek of an easy and affordable DIY furniture transformation that I completed to help customize the space using my $1,270 earnings from my sales.


After an action-packed month of selling and shopping smart in the second-hand economy, flexing a little DIY muscle, and revving my creativity engine, I could not be more thrilled with how the space turned out!


I’m hard pressed to pick a favourite thing about the space!

I adore how this $30 dresser turned out with a splash of “Tidal Pond” teal Chalked paint and “new” vintage hardware…


dresser ad  hardware ad





I love how a fresh coat of “Blush Pink” paint and an upcycled fur rug helped to transform this perfect little perch…


chair ad



And this screen… #hearteyes


wood screen ad



It never ceases to amaze me what a $12 can of “Satin Bronze” metallic spray paint can do!


chrome table ad chandelier ad




Now for the BIG reveal!

The million-dollar question…

Did I end up breaking even?

Here’s the final tally…

Kijiji Purchases: $468

Retail Purchases: $660 (Ahem… I have a thing for lots of pillows!)

DIY Materials: $114


I’m no mathlete, but considering that I earned $1,270 by selling my items in the second-hand economy, that means that I came UNDER BUDGET by $28!!!

Let me put that a different way…

I not only re-designed my guest room for ZERO dollars, but I made a profit in the process!


To take a virtual whirl around the space, check out the before and after makeover on Cityline, and watch some behind-the-scenes nuggets today on Kijiji’s Insta-stories.

I’ve tackled some extreme budget projects in the past, but nothing as seemingly crazy as this!  I was able to add style and function to our once cluttered space for less than a THIRD of the cost of buying everything brand new, and it proved that high-style can be achieved at a low-price.







And yes, yes I did carve the initials of my husband and I into a log turned plants stand that I scored for FREE on Kijiji… because I believe that every room should have a sprinkle of quirk! 😉

I’d love to know what you think of the completed room and if itinspired you to tackle your own #breakevenchallenge!  Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and check out the Second-Hand Economy Index for more inspiration and info!



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2 Responses to #breakevenchallenge: The Reveal

  1. Laney says:

    Love love Love! Quick question-where did you get the bed from (I think uou said it pulls out to a double?)
    You’ve inspired me to head into our “spare room” and regain the space🙄

    • admin says:

      Hi Laney,
      I actually scooped it up on Kijiji, but it’s available new at IKEA. Download the Kijiji app and search “Brimnes Daybed”, and you might find it for less than half of the retail price like I did 😉

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