Once upon a time…

…there was an ugly duckling of a spare bedroom that, over years, had mindlessly become crammed with unwanted and unused STUFF.  And although the stuff was still awesome, the visual clutter was not, so the room sat lonely and idle with the door closed tightly to hide it from the judgmental eyes of others.


But, like most good fairy tales, there’s always a prince charming… or a white knight… or a fairy godmother with a magic wand that comes to the rescue!

And in the case of my spare room, I can now officially (and ecstatically) say that my once sad, dishevelled space has undergone the first step of a HUGE “fairy godmother-esque” transformation thanks to the online selling magic of Kijiji!

If you read my recent post explaining my #breakevenchallenge, you know that I set out to sell all our unwanted STUFF with the hopes of making enough moolah that I could then properly design and decorate the space using only my earnings. Hence, BREAKING. EVEN.

Can a room really be redecorated for ZERO DOLLARS?

It’s a pretty wild proposition, but I sure think it’s possible!  And I was definitely up for the challenge!

So, after about a month of snapping pics, posting everything online using the Kijiji app , and meeting with buyers, we have officially cleared all the “STUFF” out of the “STUFF ROOM”!

From a vintage Pyrex set and double bed frame, to a set of speakers and a portable camping  barbeque, we quickly turned our stuff into cash which made me a very happy camper (minus the portable camping barbeque 😉 )

Kijiji Equation

Just look at it… isn’t she a gorgeous blank canvas just waiting to be loved again?!

Empty 2

We also ended up selling a stove and microwave that had been sitting in our garage since our kitchen reno, and an ottoman from the basement… and I have to tell you, I now walk around the house ruthlessly scrutinizing every unused item and contemplating “I wonder how much I could sell this for online”.  It’s become such a profitable and fun obsession!

When I posted an update recently on Instagram about my selling adventures, I had many people leave comments saying they were inspired by the #breakevenchallenge, but didn’t know where to start, so let me make it super duper easy peasy for you…


Step 1: Download the Kijiji App for free on your smart phone… available on iOS and Android

Step 2: Snap pics of the items you want to sell with your phone, and upload them instantly. More pics are better, and be sure to show various angles in good lighting

Step 3: Write a quick, but detailed description of the item (ie. Include measurements, note condition, age, etc).

Step 4: Decide if you want to boost your ad – Kijiji has a number of “Bump Up” options to ensure your post has increased visibility. There are several ways to promote your listings to get them noticed especially if you’re in a hurry to sell, and in the case of our stove, we opted to pay a small fee for the “Top Ad” feature, which put it at the top of potential buyer’s searches (getting 10x more views!)… and you know what?  It sold within 2 days!

Step 5: Message with prospective buyers in real-time on the app to answer questions about your items, negotiate the price, and determine a meeting time and location

Step 6: Happily, hand-off your STUFF to it’s new owner, and even more happily, collect the dough!

I have to say, I met some awesome folks through the selling process – the person we sold our stove to happens to work with an old friend of ours that we lost touch with!  We’ve since reconnected thanks to our new stove buying buddy and the second-hand economy!

So, now that we have a stuff-free ‘STUFF” room, and a rekindled friendship, it’s time to reveal the best part… the $$$

Just how much did we make by selling our STUFF?


Drum roll please…


Annnnnnnd we still have two things waiting to be picked-up which will bring us to an even grander total of $1,270.00!

ZOOOO-EEEEEE-MAMA!  That’s WAAAAY more than I ever expected to make!  And the total puts me well ahead of the $1,037 that the average Canadian earns by selling their stuff in the second-hand economy… except I was able to earn that in a MONTH via Kijiji, not a YEAR!

So, with a hefty handful of cheddar, I’ve started to think about how to creatively spend the budget and make that now empty room into a truly functional and beautiful multi-purpose space for our family!

It’s only a 10’x10’ space, but I plan to squeeze as much awesomeness into it as possible!  The goal is make it a guest bedroom, homework station for my boys, reading nook for my hubby and mediation space for me.  Phew!

Just when you thought the #breakevenchallenge was challenging enough!  Yes, I want the room to be a 4-in-1 space for our whole family, including visiting family from out of town.

Where to begin?

Well, I’ve put together an inspo board to rev my design engine…


Design Concept Board

And here’s the sitch…

Since I have about $1,200 to redesign the ENTIRE ROOM top to bottom, I plan to get crafty and creative with my spending!  I’m diving back in to Kijiji as a stealth, deal-seeking shopper!  And if you think creating the look from my concept board will be difficult with my budget, just take a gander at some of the fab finds I’ve already scouted and added to my “Favourites” folder in the Kijiji app.

I’m pretty sure a fresh coat of coral paint could turn this $25 chair into some serious drool-worthy business!

Chair 2

And this tall boy has “paint me” written all over it!

Dresser 2

Either of these daybeds would be a thrifty dream come true…

daybed 2

I’m completely crushing on these vintage goodies (and their price tags)…


Annnnnnnnd just when it can’t get any better, I found the materials for my DIY log table idea at the whopping price of… FREE!!!

free wood 2

I’m not great at math, but I’m pretty sure if I snagged all of these awesome Kijiji finds and worked a little DIY fairy tale magic, I would still be WAY under budget!  This #breakevenchallenge is definitely looking like it’s headed for a happily ever after!

I’ll have more updates on the room design, DIY fun, and budget in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to pop over to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds to see my latest #KijijiFind.

Happy bargain hunting!



Disclosure: This blog post is in partnership with Kijiji Canada. The opinions on this blog are my own

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  1. Bridget says:

    Hii….. love everything…….I’ve a few items I’d like to “chalk” paint…… but nervous about the results……. can’t wait to see the “after”, good luck💕🐝

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