Well, hello there gorgeous!

I’m back from a wee bit of holiday hibernation, and I have to say…spending two glorious weeks in yoga pants, tube socks, and my hubby’s sweatshirt was beyond magnificent.  I mean, BEYOND!!

After officially taking the entrepreneurial leap on New Years Eve 2013, I don’t recall slowing down to stop and smell the roses for more than a nano-second since.  But over the holidays, my nose was doing some serious rosey snif sniffin’ with my family…and it smelled oh so sweet!

2013 was a supremely PHENOMENAL year, and a taste of the proof is in this yummy pudding…


But now I’m refreshed and ready to give ‘er in 2014!

And on that note…


Another year, another new beginning, another 365 days to make awesome shiz happen!


I’m going to keep today’s post short-ish and sweet, so buckle up, because I’m about to hop on the news years resolution bandwagon!

For the past few years I’ve created more of a theme or “book title” for the year ahead instead of a list of resolutions…

2012: Positive Change, Positive People

2013: Take A Leap (…and L.E.A.P. happens to be my initials *snort*)

This year, I’ve decided against a “book title”.

Instead, I chose a theme song for 2014…

You know, like that catchy tune that plays during the opening of a cheesey, over-produced Hollywood rom-com.  That song that makes you want to get up off  your keister and shake something.  That song that you totally perform a routine of hairbrush karaoke to in your bathroom when no one’s watching!

Yeah, you know that song!

Well, my 2014 theme song makes me want to dance like a complete moron, sing like I’m auditioning for The Voice (Mmmm…Adam Levine), and quite simply makes me feel awesome!  And for me, 2014 is going to be all about “FEEL”!

In 2014, I want to feel electric

What are you waiting for???  Get up and jiggle some jelly with me.

Oh, and speaking of jelly…if I was to “resolve” anything this year, it would be to erase some of that!  I am going to make my health a greater priority and yes, I’m going to be blogging a tad in the coming weeks about my quest to renovate my booty!  It’s time!!!

I’ve also been cooking up some DIY deliciousness a la my #BasementRenoBonanza and I’ll be back in a couple of days with the GAWD AWFUL “before” photos, a glimpse at the “in-progress” demolition, and the plan for the glorious “after”.

Here’s a teeny tiny peek…


I have a sneaking suspicion that this year is going to kick some seriously awesome-tastic ace!

Wishing you oodles of love and laughter in the year ahead, and I hope you swing by this slice of the cyber-sphere again sometime soon!



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