36 hours, 1000 km, 4 television stations, 10 live segments, and 1 plastic wine glass (with a splash of Pinot Grigio courtesy of Air Canada during my flight home)…


Hello Ottawa!

I’ve been a busy little traveling bee for the past 2 days on the first leg of my Black & Decker holiday media tour which took me to the astonishingly beautiful city of Ottawa and back.  The focus of this season’s tour is to share my top tool picks for Dads, dudes, and DIY-ers, and I’ve been unexpectedly surprised by the number of product inquiries via social media after several of the segments.  The number one question seems to be “where can I buy that?“….so I figured I would do a quick round-up of my top picks complete with links to help you shop online.


Kickin’ it old school with this uber cool DeWalt mini weather resistant radio!

As you may or may not know, I am the Canadian female spokesperson for Black & Decker, so full disclosure here…this is a sponsored post!

Now, if you’re currently searching for the perfect holiday gift for someone that loves to roll-up their sleeves and flex a little DIY muscle, then look no further!  This top 10 list of my tool-tastic must-haves has got you covered with handy dandy gift ideas to fill their stockings and tuck under the tree.

tools frames

1.       DeWalt Tough System

What good is a stellar collection of tools if you don’t have a great place to keep them organized!  The DeWalt tough system is the ultimate vertical tool storage solution for anyone with a growing tool collection, and perhaps those of us who don’t have a lot of room in the garage for a permanent storage cabinet.  It offers multiple detachable boxes to help separate your hand tools, power tools, bits and accessories, and the added bonus is that each box slides onto a portable cart that conveniently doubles as a hand trolley on its own!


2.       Black & Decker Matrix

If you have a true DIY enthusiast on your shopping list this year, the Matrix 20v rechargeable multi-tool system is sure to get their motor revving!  What appears to be a typical power drill at first glance quickly transforms into an entire workshop with the simple press of a button and changing of the attachment heads.  The innovative assortment of attachments includes a jig saw, circular saw, impact driver, sanding head, oscillating tool, and the newly introduced air inflator. For anyone who might be a tad intimidated by hefty contractor sized tools, this system lets you have complete control and comfort with the lightweight, easy grip handle.  And the added benefit of this compact collection is that it takes up very little space to store and costs a fraction of what it would to purchase each full sized power tool individually.


3.       DeWalt Mini Radio

Whether you’re working indoors or out, the addition of rockin’ tunes makes any DIY project roll along faster!  The new Dewalt mini radio offers lightweight portability and runs off of standard AC power or cordless when you drop any DeWalt 12v, 18v or 20v rechargeable battery in the back.  A discreet hidden door on the side lets you pop in your smart phone and connect via USB to play your own customized playlist, and if that wasn’t awesome enough, the entire unit is weather resistant, so you can have yourself a DIY dance party… rain or shine!


4.       DeWalt Heated Jacket

While you’re shakin’ your groove thang outdoors with the mini radio, you might as well keep cozy on those blistering cold days with the new DeWalt heated jacket.  Yep, you read that right…it’s an amazingly toasty heated jacket that runs off of a 12v or 20v rechargeable DeWalt battery (included) which tucks neatly in a back compartment.  The jacket offers 3 heat temperature settings and 4 heated zones, AND (yes, there’s an awesome-tastic AND)… the battery pack has 2 USD ports so you can charge your cell phone while the coat keeps you warm.  WHAT? Mind blowing…I know!!  This is the perfect present for Dad’s and dude’s hanging out at the hockey rink, shoveling snow, or working in chilly conditions over the winter.


5.       Stanley 25’ Magnetic Tip Tape Measure

If you thought there couldn’t possibly be anything exciting about a tape measure, then you’ve never seen this little gem before!  The Stanley 25’ magnetic tip tape measure has…well, you guessed it, a magnetic tip.  Now if you’re wondering why that’s so exciting you’ve probably never been at the top of a ladder and dropped the screw you were just about to drill in the wall.  This tape measure can act as your “Go Go Gadget arm” to extend to the floor and pick it up for you.  It’s also great for measuring between metal studs, and the 11’ standout means you can measure farther distances without the extended tape bending.  This just might be the perfect stocking stuffer addition!


6.       Stanley AntiVibe Hammer with magnetic nail start

Sure, most of us already have a hammer in the good ‘ole tool box, but the holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of a handy hammer upgrade.  This Stanley AntiVibe hammer packs a powerful punch and has a hefty strike face to help increase nail driving performance and accuracy.  My favourite added feature is the magnetic nail set for one hand nailing, so you never have to sacrifice your thumbs again.



7.       DeWalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver

Every so often a new product comes along that makes you go “WHOA”…and that was my exact reaction when I recently had the opportunity to test drive the new DeWalt Gyroscopic screwdriver.  This baby is the ultimate upgrade to a stationary screwdriver because the motion activated technology does all the work for you by screwing in whichever direction you twist your wrist.  It also has a quick release for single hand bit changes, a pivoting handle which makes vertical applications easy and convenient, and a ring of LED lights around the driver head to light up dark, tight spaces.


8.       DeWalt XR Brushless 20v Drill

If you’re not sure what to buy the reno pro or contractor on your list, the new XR brushless 20v drill by DeWalt is sure to make them do a cartwheel or two!  This cordless handheld powerhouse boasts a brushless motor that reduces the amount of friction and heat while in use, and more importantly, increases the runtime by approximately 57% over the comparable brushed units.  At only 3.6 lbs, it’s super lightweight, runs on a 20v rechargeable battery, and has a 2-speed transmission for increased speed and torque control.  *Insert manly grunt here*


9.       Black & Decker Orbital Sander

Every tool kit needs a quality electric sander in the lineup, and for those DIYers who already have a standard palm unit, an orbit is a great addition to have on hand.  The Black & Decker orbital 5 inch sander is perfect for stripping and refinishing furniture pieces, and although it works quickly and efficiently to remove existing paint, varnish or stain, the smooth circular motion prevents gouging on more delicate wood surfaces.


10.   Black & Decker  Cordless Mini Canister Vac

Whether you’ve been kicking up saw dust in your workshop, or you’re getting tired of picking kiddy cracker crumbs off of the car seats (like me), this mighty little cordless vac should be at the top of YOUR holiday wish list!  The lightweight, rechargeable unit makes clean-up a breeze without the hassle and limitations of a cord, and the 4-foot flexible hose and attachment accessories allows you to reach into even the smallest of spaces.


So, which of these items will you be adding to your wish list???

Next week I’m off to the glorious city of Montreal for a quick tool time visit with my pals at Breakfast Television.  My mouth is already watering with the thought of poutine, pastries, and smoked meat!  Annnnnnnnd, I’ll be packing my stretchy pants!

Ooooh baby, I’m so “gitchi gitchi ya ya da da” excited, and speaking of which…

Have yourself a very merry DIY holiday season!



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